Ship Strike Play Test

Last night was an epic one. A night to go down in the Great Rememberance of the Meyer Family (kudos to those who get the Rememberance reference).

First my brother and I played a rousing game of Deadzone! Though his Enforcers put up a valiant fight and killed over half my force, enough of my Plague infiltrated through to win the game!

Sorry unknown planet, the Plague continues to spread another day.

But this was just the beginning.

Once Deadzone was packed away, I brought forth an eldritch box. Lifting its lid, I exposed the dark contents within…

And the SHIP STRIKE play test began!

Ship Strike really has come along from all those months ago. Gangly mechanics have been smoothed out. Stats are easily read and utilized. Attributes have been simplified. Everything is determined by a single D10 roll and runs quick.

The Play Test

Initially we were going to play on the Hellspawn-class destroyer layout. Due to lack of prior planning and room, we ended up playing on the tried and true Voyager-class frigate. The Hellspawn will have to wait for another day.


(Ignore the miniatures…standees coming soon…)

Set up went well. Tile layout, then we took turns laying out the lvl 1 and 2 crates, and then the objectives. Objective cards were shuffled, drawn, and then placed faced down – neither of us knew what the other was after.

My brother Matt deployed the marines of the Olympus Mons Technocracy. His force:

– (1x) Force Commander (Titan II)
– (4x) Marines (Titan)
– (1x) Reservist Medic

I fought for the free peoples of Elysium! My force consisted of:

– (1x) Sergeant (Centurion)
– (6x) Marines (Centurion)
– (2x) Marine Scouts (Ferret)

Turn 1

The first turn was full of glrious movement out of the airlocks and into the ship!…

…and not much else.

Turn 2


A bit more happened. My two Scouts (the two Chaos Marine Raptors) shot through the ship toward the bridge, and Objective 3 in the mess hall on the gravity deck. Matt’s Olympian Marines split, two heading for Objective 2 in the aft section of the ship, while the rest charge twoard the fore.

Turn 3
My Elysian Marines began making headway into the ship and toward Objective 4 while my Scouts were charging full tilt toward the brigde and Objective 3.

Little did I know that one of Matt’s missions was also to claim Objective 4. One of his marines opened the door before him, and combat began in ernest! No deaths, but his lead marine and one of mine exchsnged shots.

Turn 4


This is where things began to get crazy. As my brother and I duked it out, my marines became stuck behind their buddies so I could only get two marines into the fray. I killed one of his marines, but that only allowed his fresh forces to come forward. It was at this point Matt brought up his Force Commander and started dealing vicious damage with his power armor claw (2 damage).

Turn 5

My scouts continued to shoot toward their objectives in the gravity deck and the bridge, while Matt’s two Marines in the aft went for and took Objective 2.

It was this turn that two of my marines bit the dust. Matt also demonstrated the power of the Olympian Reservist Medic by healing his commander. That became a pain quick.

Turn 6


With two of my marines dead, Matt moved one of his marines and his medic to take Objective 4, and two of my marines moved in to deny him. My scouts made their objectives on the bridge. His commander moved in to try to finish off another of my marines.

Turn 7

More combat happened here. Thats it. And that damned medic kept healing Matt’s marine.

Turn 8


This is where the game should have ended. We lost track and didn’t realize (until just now) that Matt had been on Objective 2 for 3 turns.

But we didn’t and so combat went on!

Turn 9


Where the game actually ended.

Matt’s Force Commander and marine but the dust. My Sergeant saw no action. Matt’s medic attempted to hold Objective 4, and my two marines fought to wrest it from him.

I thought I had won because I held the bridge and objective 3 for three turns at this point.

Silly me.

After action report

Overall great game. We both could have done things differently. But the goal was to test the game mechanics and they worked splendidly.

Things to change:

– +2 to-hit for each additional weapon instead of just +1
– Firm up all my materials (some cards were not current with my updates…the challenges of having stuff on both home and work comouters…)
– Debating on changing the objectives to 4 or 5 turns. But Matt said they seemed to work well, so will keep them for now.

More Ship Strike goodness to come in the very near future!

Gen Con First Exposure Playtest Hall

In other news, Ship Strike will be available to play at Gen Con in the First Exposure Playtest Hall!!! If you’re going to be at Gen Con, stop by to play a round or two.

More details to follow on exact time windows.


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