Fitness – Workout 20160216

My workout for today: Chest

Bench Press     4x 25, 12, 7, 3  (135lbs, 185lbs, 225lbs, 245lbs)

Flys     3x 15, 15, 14 (35, 45, 45)

Incline Bench     4x 12, 12, 9, 9 (135, 155, 165, 165)

Bent-Arm Pullovers 3x 15, 15, 15 (50, 50, 50)

Alternate Dumbbell Curls (each arm)     3x 10, 10, 10 (50, 50, 50)


Not a lot of weight. Several months back I severely pulled a muscle on the left side of my chest. It took two months to recover, and since then it has been an uphill battle to get back to my old best of 5×5 with 275lbs. Just recently I spent two weeks recovering from a severe chest cold that kept me out of the gym. So, on the steep upward slope back to chest strength.

Until next time!…


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