Kickstarter I’m Backing – Thornwatch

And lo, the gaming gods didst smile upon the gamers, and there was much rejoicing!

Hello! And welcome back after a month or so hiatus. I return to blogging with a Kickstarter I have been anticipating for months, probably over a year: THORNWATCH.

Thornwatch Kickstarter

Over the past few years, Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade have created the Eyrewood, a mystical place where magical guardians, called the Thornwatch, patrol the enchanted woods and protect the denizens therein from creatures changed and mutated by the dark mystical force, the Ebb.

Along with the Guardians of the Thornwatch are the Lookouts, Guardians in training, and the Daughters, girls that are pulled into the Eyrewood and imbued with power.

I’ve been hooked since the debut of the Eyrewood as an idea, and then a full fledged universe with backstory, history, some recurring characters, and amazing monsters. It is such a neat concept outside of what we normally look at as fantasy. I love the art, especially for monsters like The Choir. Penny Arcade has made numerous online comics, as well as digital comics on Comixology.

Thornwatch Kickstarter 2

In the game, you choose one of five characters that come with their own 30 card deck. One person is the Judge (game master) and represents the Judging Wood. The Thornwatch players choose a mission, and then immediately get into the action on a comic-book style game board.

From the video on their Kickstarter, there is no leveling up as your are already a powerful master of your art as a Guardian of the Thornwatch.

I was fortunate enough to get a quick playtest game in at the Lone Shark Games booth at GenCon this year. My friends and I had a blast with just the quick, basic game the demo guy showed us. The card decks and how attacks and such were determined were fast paced and very easy to learn.

I backed at the $88 level. (If I backed at anything higher I think my wife would have a conniption.) I hope you, dear reader, will also back this Kickstarter, even if it’s at the $3 level…but I recommend getting the game. You and your friends will have hours of adventuring fun.

So head over to Kickstarter and check it out!

Until next time!…

(Note: All images herein are (C) Copyright Penny Arcade and Lone Shark Games. The images and references to their material is posted purely for this blog and is not intended for sale or any other profit making purpose.)



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