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Workout 3 During Coronavirus

It was a leg-heavy day yesterday in my modified American Sniper Workout from T-Nation whilst my gym is closed.


A1: KB Goblet squat                              4×20

A2: KB Hip Thruster                             4×20

B1: KB Split Stance RDL                      3×8/side

B2: KB Bulgarian Split Squat             3×8/side

C1: Sled Drag                                         3x30yrds

C2: Burpees                                            3×10

D1: Band 3-way shoulder complex     3×6 each exercise

D2: Dips                                                    3×10

E: KB Crosswalk                                     3x30yrds/side


My improvised sled made for a great workout!


Will post today’s workout later.

Workout 2 During Coronavirus

Like most people in the world these days I’m teleworking from home while my children’s schools are out.

I’m still writing, too…

However, the Coronavirus has brought the shutdown of my gym, and also like most people I am relegated to workouts at home in addition to my running outside.

Normally I do the American Sniper Workout from T-Nation. Unlike the program I don’t split it up AM/PM, I just do it all whenever I go to the gym. I’ve had to modify it as of yesterday as that’s when my gym was in full shutdown. Maybe you will find this helpful as you telework/self-quarantine for the next few weeks/months.

At my home at the moment I have a 50lbs kettlebell, a 70lbs kettlebell, a 70lbs sandbag, a 20lbs wall ball, a jump box, some bands, a doorway pull-up bar, and an assault bike.


So here’s my modified Tuesday workout of T-Nation’s American Sniper Workout. (I’m doing this today as I failed to workout yesterday.) Corresponding lettered exercises (ex. A1, A2, etc.) are to be done as supersets. Heavier exercises I rest 1min 30sec-2min between. Lighter exercises I rest 1min-1min 30sec.


A1: KB Floor Press                              5×6/arm

A2: KB Snatch                                      5×6/arm

B1: Band flys/squeeze press              4×20

B2: KB Rows                                          4×20/arm

C1: Sandbag Overhead Press             3×15

C2: Band pull aparts                             3×15

C4: Calories Assault Bike                     10/20/30

D1: KB Swings                                       3×10

D2: Pull-Ups                                            3×10

D3: Push-Ups                                          3x AMRAP

D4: Calories Assault Bike                     10/20/30


Later I’ll do a run or a longer Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) assault bike workout. Gotta keep working on that beach bod!